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21st century Humans are hackable?

I think "Making Decision" in both business and personal is a really important thing. In business, the level of how much we can make a decision is different based on your position. If the position is higher and higher, the density of "Decision Making" and "Responsibility" becomes higher and higher. That's how "Decision Making" is powerful because even one good or bad decision can change the destiny of good or bad of that business.

In our daily personal life, we are also making the decision of everything for ourselves of how we spend time and money, lifestyle, soul mate, etc. Sometimes we asked the opinion of our parents, relatives, friends, colleges, or sales or from the book, you read if we confuse or do not know how to make a "Decision". That's how we got influence from our surroundings for our own "Decision Making". I never thought that one day will come that soon somebody knows us better than us and can influence us what to buy, whom to vote, and most of our daily "Decision Making".

They even can manipulate our desire and change the possibility of behaviors of our "Decision Making.". Yes, we are already at this age that ALGORITHM knows us better than us and We all humans are HACKABLE now. In order to hack us, it requires a mass of data especially `Bio-Metric Data` and enough computing power that was never existed in history like now. Yuval Noah Harari raises a lot of important agenda and awareness for a 21-century human being (He called us Homo Deus).

I feel sad when I see a lot of people are voluntarily giving up a lot of their personal data including bio-metric data and make a decision like how big capitalism wants such as buying luxury items that we cannot effort, choosing mortgages and insurances, how your wedding should look like, etc. At the same time, it also makes me so sad a lot that some parents are giving up a lot of privacy for their children without any permission and awareness of their children such as uploading a lot of things about children photos and videos to social media, which religion to choose,etc. In the following discussion, Yuval Noah Harari raises many times these issues again and again although Mark Zuckerberg also trying defends his Facebook empire perspective and what he believes. I wish this discussion change and effects Mark Zuckerberg's future decisions for the good sake of "Our Homo Sapiens" future.

Yuval Noah Harari is one of my most respectful scientist and historian. He showed a way to us to discover the possible history of tomorrow. "Homo Deus" raised important questions and awareness that I never questioned before.

I choose his book as "My Pick of the Month" because

it shows us in the history chronologically humanity threatened with many diseases and pandemics. But we end up augmenting ourselves and learn among these challenges. These learning and innovations are especially important during these COVID-19 days. Wellness and Well being will Dominate to the future. We will keep enhancing our bodies and societies to be more resilient and perhaps take full control over it.

As conclusion, I wish you all can know yourself better than before, have more conscious and awareness about 21st century technology (good sides and bad side) and able to use them for your good sake not to get just manipulate for your daily decision.


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